Peter    Thomas    Building    Design    is    a    Building Design    studio    that    specialises    in    Building Design   &   Town   Planning   for   Multi   Dwelling   and Small   Commercial   Projects.   With   over   20   Years experience   with   projects   as   diverse   as   Dental Clinics,   Air   Craft   Training   Facilities,   Churches, and   Childcare   Centres,   together   with   a   wide variety    of    Residential    projects.    We    provide personalised   service   to   individually   designed projects,   that   seek   the   very   best   outcomes   for each and every project. Our   residential   experience   in   Apartments   and Town    Houses    focuses    on    the    challenges    of producing     highly     desirable     dwellings     with exceptional    function    and    look    great,    while negotiating   the   challenges   of   Town   Planning, and difficult site constraints. We   often   achieve   higher   yields   for   a   site   than expected,     while     achieving     uncompromising internal      amenity      and      low      impact      to neighbouring    sites,    reducing    objection    and achieving    greater    returns    for    the    developer, and   having   a   highly   desirable   product   to   bring to a market.